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The intention of my work is to empower you, in resonance with your own sovereignty, whilst connecting you to the bigger picture. I work with both individuals and small groups, utilizing astrology, psychology, shamanism and
a lot more—all in an integrated manner.

The Enchantments of Life is my lifetime endeavour and, together with the Enchantment Principle, comprises my major thesis and the crowning gem of my work, which will herald a new paradigm for understanding human existence.

Integrating and revolutionizing both astrology and developmental psychology, the Enchantments of Life map and the Enchantment Principle  amalgamates shamanism and the science of time and space with a radical perspective on the nature of how reality is related to mythology. This is a new day for astrology and a new consideration for the integral movement.

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Enchanted: A Timeless Yet New Way of Seeing Your World

The Enchantments of Life and the accompanying Enchantment Principle is an innovative approach to human existence. The work brings together shamanism, astrology and the developmental/integral map of human evolution.

In so doing, astrology is revolutionized—without negating the riches of the popular neo-Jungian astrological approach—simply by adding a whole new level on top of that reservoir of understanding. Equally, the Enchantments work brings a much-needed diversity and dynamism to the rather intellectually static interpretation of the developmental nature of human evolution championed by the integral movement.

For those who aren't sure what I mean by the developmental/integral approach, think in the first instance of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The developmental perspective has been successfully brought into the dialectic by Dr Clare Graves; Don Beck and Chris Cowan, through Spiral Dynamics; and Ken Wilber, through his Spectrum of Consciousness. There are many others.

2012: Did it Happen? Did the World End?

I would say so. The world as we know it is ending; the thought form of recorded history has completed its script and we are now in the flux state of global culture. The ending of the Maya Long Count calendar on 21 December 2012 corresponds with a massive cosmic influx that is pushing cultural evolution forward, whilst the bureaucratic mind within us all—and out there in government—does its best to hold back the tide. The mainstream media–led consensus is in a high state of fragility.

The sociological meme of 2012 will continue to disappear from the awareness of people as the 2012 effect unfolds over the next few years—people will forget or deny the connection to the emerging changes. The adrenalin rush of ‘breaking trends’ makes us unconscious of the effects of history, including very recent history. However, I would contend that the 2012 effect is wholly applicable to the contextual change we are witnessing.

Here is my view of the world as it stands:

We Are in the Midst of a Change, Bigger than that of the Industrial Revolution

We are living it now

The cultural myth is more significant than scientific consensus.

Change the myth to change the science and you then change the social system, the financial system and the industrial system.

The crisis of the environment is in fact a crisis of consciousness; it is a crisis of transformation.

The environment is highly charged with an enormous amount of new energy that is flooding in from the cosmos. This energy has to be utilized consciously; it is the fuel of the evolution of consciousness, which converts to a new stage of human culture that experiences reality in a larger psychic and psychological landscape.

Climate instability is due to the cosmic influx. Environmental destruction is creating imbalances in the ecological system. The Global Warming meme is a red herring—it is violence and pollution that are the problems of our environment.

To change the myth, we have to ‘go back’ in order to go forward. We have to ‘go back’ to review our history, to revise the story of our origins and to reconsider the nature of a human being, as well as the nature of life itself.

Truth is always partial. Evidence is never complete, but we, as a species, come to an agreement, mostly inadvertently, through our collective imagination and through the dialectic. Only after this do we find the evidence we need for a larger truth. The search is for a story that is more complex, more sophisticated; one that serves the need for a greater embrace of more of reality. A more inclusive truth is required, a truth that is enabled by and for the benefit of the increasing population of the human species.

The population and resource crisis—the idea that there is ‘not enough to go around’—is due to an inadequate system, an outdated socio-economic system that is presently in a fragile state. The meme of austerity has infected all the large institutions, but this is contrary to the true state of existence today in the world, which is that we are more abundant with human resource than ever before.

The global economic system is so interlocked that it is inevitable that we are to witness global ‘restructuring’. The political structure of the USA and its very identity, for example, is evidently undergoing dramatic change. The current Orwellian legislation and imperial agenda is symptomatic of the end of an era.

However, I am cautiously optimistic because, within such a flux state, independent thinking and action, as well as profound innovation, can flourish.

The greatest resource on planet Earth is the collective consciousness of our species. This has to be harnessed more creatively in order to use the increased energy within the planetary organism.

In 2012, the net worth of the world’s richest increased by US$241 billion. Money is clearly being ‘sucked up’, rather than ‘dripping down’. This glaring imbalance is indicative of the fragility of the system—the present situation of ‘winner takes all’ is decidedly uncreative, certainly not entrepreneurial, nor is it expressing the forces of the market. Change is imminent!

The planetary organism is the totality of Earth, including the domain of its consciousness and its electromagnetic energy field. We live within the Earth, not on the Earth. We are an integral and crucially important part of the Earth’s own evolutionary project.

The mainstream structure (aka the psychic landscape) of science, the media, education, the power industries and the economic and political systems has served us well. This structure has fed the evolution of consciousness (often inadvertently)—and to some extent still does. However, increasingly the returns are diminishing as we are in the flux state between cultures.

Your vision of life is your creative contribution to the canvas of the psychic plasma from which the new cultural myth will emerge in the decades to come. There is some urgency and an immediacy during these times to accelerate the cultural transformation.

Social networking is a valuable resource; however, because of the ‘white noise effect’ of the constant streams of data and trivia, it is also inhibiting a larger-scale awakening. The reaction by some is compartmentalized focus on such areas as ‘Conspiracy’ or ‘UFOlogy’ or ‘New Age Idealism’. None of this bad, far from it, but I am more interested in the systemic view… I am appealing to the minority who are tuning in to the significant and pertinent, whilst attempting to perceive the interconnected context of an emerging planetary civilization.

If you can step outside of the consensual box and the compartmentalized mentality of a singular domain, if you are interested in the big picture and you are not fixated on one paradigm of enquiry, then your visionary capacity is a much-needed gift. I personally know quite a few people of this nature and generally speaking they are not the people being heard in the mass market (so far, at least...)

A complete transformation will necessarily take quite some time and involves the psychic energy of millions and millions of people, but we are far more interconnected today, so your own vision is not just influential, but is essential.

We are on an adventure of consciousness, an awesome adventure.

Treasure your ability to recognize the epic drama of our times, to take a moment to be in wonder at the grand scale of life on Earth, to conceive and envision the journey we are in the midst of.

For those who wish to explore and deeply connect to their authentic truth, working with Laurence is a very healing process. He is a master at helping you find your narrative, the vibration of your core, your DNA, your eternal energy. He is a wizard at unravelling the hidden language of the universe, the stars, the planets, the gods and goddess. He is truly gifted in his ability to see the patterns and grids of a much bigger picture and how this plays an integral role in your personal evolution, both as an individual and as part of a much greater whole. He helps you re-awaken your own internal wisdom to live in alignment with your individual energetic blueprint. And he is a wonderful teacher, guide, mentor and storyteller….

There are many teachers out there, but there are very, very few who live by every word they share. Laurence is a man of high integrity. He is a true one-of-a-kind; his heart, soul and mind energy reaches far out into the cosmic fields to connect with an eternal truth—one he shares so readily in his role as practising mystical shaman with anyone who wishes to grow, evolve and explore a much deeper truth…

Dellarose Rubi-Baevski


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