The Enchantments of Life

How do you change? What is the context for your major transformations—by which I mean those pivotal chapter changes where your whole world-view, your relationships, your work and your sense of purpose all change? How does your identity change and grow? What is the essential structure of the way you change?

You go through an Enchantment shift.

You have a unique essence—the characteristics of your spirit, your sovereign self—and yet your authentic self-expression takes place within a framework of evolving universal human nature. As one of seven billion human beings you are unique, but not completely different from the rest of us. There is a collective structure to the way we all evolve.

The Enchantments of Life is the map of the different stages of consciousness that are within you and ‘out there’ in the environment of consciousness. This environment of consciousness encompasses the natural, architectural, media and social environments.

The Stage-by-Stage Increase of Complexity

Your motivations and the scale of community with which you feel an affinity—as well as the scale and complexity of existence that you connect to, the number and type of life forms you consider have divine rights and the scale of life worthy of your ethical consideration—all increase with the expansion of your consciousness. As does the way you frame time and space.

As consciousness expands, so does our embrace of more time and more space—the complexity of time and space increases as we evolve, since we are able to hold a greater variety of time frames at once. This increasing embrace goes hand-in-hand with the connection to larger and more complex scales of community.

Complexity does not mean you get more confused; it means that you can handle more components without effort. At the same time as connecting to a larger environment of consciousness (people, creatures and cosmos), you become more fully yourself. The unique sovereign self progressively reveals itself.

Eventually you recognize that your free will and your creativity are aligned to your role and your place within the human species and within Planet Earth.

Freedom is found within structure, until that structure no longer serves you. You then ‘awaken’ to the Enchantment you have been centred in; the spell is broken. You go through a transformation that enables you to perceive and move into a larger landscape and a new psychological lifescape.

Your world expands. As you discover a new set of axioms to live by, you feel the thrill of the free open space. Eventually, those life conditions also become too small and too constrained. This is the signal that it will soon be time to release the attachments to the beliefs and perceptions of the current Enchantment and to begin a new adventure of consciousness…

 © Copyright Laurence James Lucas; September 2014
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