Planetary Consciousness

Planetary consciousness is the stage of evolutionary development—both for our species as a whole and for each individual—where we attempt to integrate all of history, science, religion, spirituality, technology, culture and all human endeavour and artefact—anything you care to mention—into a cohesive whole. In the Enchantments of Life map, planetary consciousness will emerge once we reach Chiron Enchantment.

At the planetary stage, the totality of Earth is seen as a complex living system of consciousness; a living being in which we humans are cells of consciousness. In other words, we are conduits for Earth’s awareness and expression.

For the individual, there is an affinity with all life within the Earth’s domain, as well as a consideration for the welfare of all modes of humanness and all types of life form. We are in resonance with the totality of Earth, a totality that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Planetary Civilization

A planetary civilization, based on planetary consciousness, is in our future—but is already on our horizon.

Once enough people (approximately 10–12 per cent of us) have reached the Chiron Enchantment stage of consciousness, the centre of gravity of our society will shift to planetary consciousness and a planetary civilization will emerge.

Until that time, individuals who have already reached that level of consciousness (estimated by Spiral Dynamics to be currently at around 0.1 per cent of the total population of our planet) do exhibit the psychological and spiritual awareness of planetary consciousness, yet they cannot fully experience it, since the background environment of consciousness does not fully support it.

A planetary civilization is a society with a different focus, value system, governance, energy resource, way of relating, sense of identity, history, spirituality and expectation. It will bring in a whole new way of being; a new paradigm of human existence, where the subjective and objective demarcation erodes. This new way of being will be based on the connection to energy as the interface between consciousness and matter.

The human species as an integral systemic part of Earth will see itself as a complete unit within the cosmos, with an attendant sense of responsibility for all life on Earth. We will also look out to the cosmos, to truly begin our exploration of life beyond Earth.

Power is Public Relations: They Are Talking to You

Each and every stage of culture emerges from the power of collective belief, imagination and thinking—in other words, the narrative. Power, as it is normally thought of, is always the ability to shape the consciousness of other people and, ultimately, the collective.

As we are witnessing in the age of the internet, power is shifting towards individual vision. But, those ‘in power’ are using a considerable proportion of their abundant resources to petition and coerce the public imagination, through every possible channel of communication.

In short, the narrative (the collective story and underlying myth) is supported by the energy of many.

The total energy of the human being is empowered by information, feeling and imagination—the vision. You can choose to shape your contribution to the planetary field in a conscious manner—or it can remain unconscious, simply through the automatic relay of the narrative that is being fed to the masses.


Material science is currently the dominating public belief system. The nature of scientific discovery depends upon where science is looking.

Where we look, we find; where we do not look, we do not find.

The type of science and the goal of science, like everything else, develops and follows the collective narrative. You are part of that collective.

This is why it is essential that individuals have a sense of the systemic nature of evolution, as well as an informed imagination and rationale, along with a personal vision of the Earth as an integrated living entity. Your psychic and psychological contribution is shaping the narrative. You are playing a role in directing the focus of our society.

Time to Ask Intelligent Open-Ended Questions

Every cultural stage changes the story of Life on Earth. The past is seen differently; the nature of human beings is understood differently. Thus, expectations for the future change, which in turn transforms the present.

The cultural shift starts quite simply with being open to a reconsideration of the past, with being open to re-evaluating the make-up and nature of human beings, and with asking where we are heading, based on the direction of the life impulse. What might it all look like?

The expansion of our awareness to the scale of Earth’s totality is both a natural completion of one evolutionary chapter and an obvious beginning of a new adventure in the cosmos. Planetary consciousness is the natural conclusion of one chapter of evolution and the start of another.

I propose that the Enchantments of Life is a valid and useful cartography for your inquiry.

We, as Sovereign Individuals, Are All in This Together

The life impulse or life force surges through the body up from the Earth as the immediate source of all power. This requires that we reconnect the body instinct with the natural world of Earth, simply by being present in nature.

Going out into a beautiful natural setting and sitting quietly with these questions will align you with your own life force and stimulate your vision.

The value of your individual contribution, through an informed imagination, cannot be underestimated.

 © Copyright Laurence James Lucas; September 2014
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