The Integration of Consciousness towards the Planetary Scale

The mystery of archaic nature, the modernity of the city and the enticement of the virtual world are all taking place in the domain of Planet Earth. But how do these seemingly disparate elements fit together?

Most of us now have a hard time imagining life without our computers. The convenience, entertainment, education and communication that is possible today has changed our lives—in many ways for the better and in only a short window of time. In the same breath, most of us can see how the computer and the smartphone enslave us. We lose time; we feel disconnected from our bodies and from ‘face to face’. We are also subject to a drowsy electromagnetic fuzz, whether we are aware of that or not.

In the near future, the internet will be everywhere. It will be in our environment, on the walls, all over our home, in our appliances, in the shops, in our cars—literally hanging in the air. If you have seen the Tom Cruise film Minority Report, you will remember the technology. Amazing? A nightmare? The effect is exciting but it has brought us the new anxiety of overload.

The Holographic Environment Reveals Itself

Augmented reality and moving holographic imagery will come to pass at some point. It is only a matter of decades, if that. Rather than cyberspace being in your computer and in your smartphone, it will be externalized as part of the environment: The outside internet. This is not science fiction; not for much longer.

The vision presented in this 5-minute YouTube video ('A Day Made of Glass', click here) is both wonderful and awe inspiring, yet also plastic and dead, possibly even frightening in its soullessness. Would you agree?

The contrary and dualistic issues that technology prompts us to consider are numerous—but this leads to questions which need to be asked, including about dystopian potentials concerning enslavement and the harvesting of the human life force, as portrayed in the film The Matrix. For now, however, we will ask only one question:

All of this—the mystery of archaic nature, the modernity of the city and the enticement of the virtual world—is taking place in the domain of Planet Earth.

How does it fit together?

The Psychic Internet

Technology is a training tool for our consciousness. It is also a pale reflection of our innate capabilities. The exteriorization of our innate psychic tools is an indicator of the emerging facility of our psyche. The holographic lightbody that is on our horizon will eventually enable us to pluck out a hologram from our energy field, on any situation and from any time or place you wish.

In terms of medical diagnosis, we will be able to scan the body and evoke a holographic sphere to determine any physical condition and to attempt a holographic healing. Alternatively, you may want to examine the master script of your relationship and view the dynamic, using your visionary capacity to connect to your Higher Self and elicit the essence of your relationship. This hologram can then be unzipped as a sphere of light that you can move around within your energy field and watch as a performance.

Within your holographic energy sphere is a multiplicity of frequencies and geometries that underpin all possible areas of enquiry. In order to access all of the transmission stations that are circumnavigating you, you first have to be centred.

Like a solar system, all frequencies orbit around you.

To be able to manipulate the field requires that your consciousness is truly centred—it will not work if you are lost in the peripheral surface of any orbiting frequency. You have to be able to recognize where you are, where your consciousness is located and how to get back to the centre.

We are learning to operate in multiple realms, which means we must learn to change our frequency channel at will. This is only possible if we know where we are and how we got there—and therefore how we shift out of that realm and into another.

Similarly, on your computer you are learning how to have many windows open, how to dive into them and how to close them. We also have the option to turn off the computer and come back to nature, to our body, to intimate contact and into the social environment.

Your Relationship with the Planetary Organism

Human society takes place within, and is part of, the planetary totality.

Planetary consciousness is the interconnection within the Earth’s energy field of the totality of life, the planetary organism. The living system of Earth is comprised of nature interconnected with human civilization.

The lines of relationship and connection between you and the totality of life are increasing as we gradually evolve towards a planetary civilization (Chiron Enchantment).

You are in relationship with multiple frequencies, multiple scales of human community and multiple forms of mindsets, as described by the Enchantments model. As planetary consciousness slowly emerges, we are connecting to ever-greater complexity through the interlocking realms of the psychic terrain, the internet, real-world social interaction, the natural world and intimate relationship.

This expansion of your life, along with its growing complexity, is synchronic with a massive increase in energy and a larger array of frequencies of consciousness with which you have to deal. This requires orientation.

This expansion of your life, along with its growing complexity, is synchronic with a massive increase in energy from the cosmos that is triggering a fundamental shift in planetary reality. The cosmic influx has brought us a greater array of frequencies of consciousness. Our global society is in flux; the human species is attempting to transform itself to the next stage of culture.

The Enchantments of Life is a map of this emerging reality on planetary, social and personal levels.

If you undertake a Life Change Programme with me, I will help you to understand and better navigate the tapestry frequencies operating in your own life.

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