The Enchantments of Life: First View

A quick introduction to the map that shows the aspects of Self and the corresponding
Collective context—the membership or scale of embrace of reality—in which we operate.
The arrow of the evolution of consciousness in this table is upwards, from bottom to top.

Chiron Enchantment—Planetary Consciousness

The Self: Everyday Mystic–conductive

The Collective Landscape: Totality of the Earth and the Kosmos

Pluto Enchantment—Global Consciousness

The Self: Freelancer-responding

The Collective Landscape: The Human species linked to Nature

Neptune Enchantment—Humanitarian Consciousness

The Self: Alternative-feeling

The Collective Landscape: Rainbow tribe and Cosmic-Spiritual

Uranus Enchantment—Material Consciousness

The Self: Consumer-expressing

The Collective Landscape: International market

Saturn Enchantment—Social-Moral Consciousness

The Self: Citizen-conforming

The Collective Landscape: The State and the Church

Jupiter Enchantment—Imperial-Mythic Consciousness

The Self: Heroic-yearning

The Collective Landscape: Empire led by the glorious gods

Ceres Enchantment—Magical Tribal Consciousness

The Self: The Sacred Innocentritualistic

The Collective Landscape: Tribal community

Mars Enchantment—Jungle Consciousness

The Self: Impulsive-active

The Collective Landscape: Wandering proto-tribe

Moon Enchantment—Dreamscape Consciousness

The Self: Dreamer-huddling

The Collective Landscape: Archaic clan

Earth Enchantment—Instinctive Consciousness

The Self: Instinctive-reactive

The Collective Landscape: Band of foragers

Dark Sun Enchantment—Soul Falling into the Body

The Self: Separating from Source

The Collective Landscape: Spiritual osmotic cosmos

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