The Enchantments of Life: Second View

Here is the second view of the big picture. This is not a table of personal superiority; it has no social prejudice and it does not imprison us in any narrowly defined specific fate. The map below is an aid to creativity and an attractor of an incrementally more benevolent and abundant society. It is a holarchy of truth—one that shows how all things are true, but some things are truer.

The evolution of consciousness is the increasing embrace and greater inclusivity of existence.
It is the increase in the scale of one’s sense of membership, of belonging. Each level signifies a scale of community and a context for reality. The scale of our inclusiveness, along with our greater ability to
express our unique essence, expands with our unfoldment.

The evolution of consciousness is the move towards becoming part of a greater complexity of life’s
unlimited intelligence. As we progress as individuals, and more importantly as a society, we become part of more of reality with an expanded and more complex perception.

In this introduction to the Enchantments of Life: Second View, we are giving you a brief description
of the expression of The Self on each level; the context of reality, which is the scale of our inclusion
or The Collective Landscape; and the projected influence of that Enchantment
in the future of our society, The Future Potential.

Remember, the arrow of evolution of consciousness in this table is from bottom to top.

Chiron Enchantment—Planetary Consciousness

The Self: Everyday mystic-conductive. Control is released; the obsessive need for achievement and meaning is released. The self becomes a conduit and experiences connection with the flow of energy and consciousness within the living environment.

The invisible mystic, the enigma; the planetary representative, yet existentialist self; experiencing awe. Connecting to both the harmony and the discord of life and feeling the epic scale of existence, which in turn shrinks to the immediacy of each moment. Integration of self, experiencing the personality-ego of this present lifetime as a temporary projection of the soul—which is disturbing, yet also enables a connection to the continuum of one’s consciousness.

Recognizing the evocative nature of language and words, beyond mere information. Awareness of timelines and the burden of consequences, as well as the unfathomable complexity of determining precise outcomes. This in turn leads to living in the present as a space that contains the existent past and future.

The Collective Landscape: Totality of Earth and the Kosmos. The totality of all consciousness, life and artefact within the Earth’s energy field.

The Future Potential: Planetary civilization looking to the stars; an organic dynamic association of Earth and humanity as a unified living totality; an environment of planetary consciousness that flows throughout society and permeates all life; a non-controlling planetary assembly that is consciously attuned to the planetary mind and keeps the channels open; a psychic ‘internet’.

Sublime tantric union in relationship. The science of holographic consciousness and the recalibration of the Earth’s energy field.

Pluto Enchantment—Global Consciousness

The Self: Freelancer-responding. Interdependent; oscillating mode of being; the niche player, often elusive; seeking engagement, novel stimulation and freedom; empirical; live and let live, where appropriate; vocational; complex intricacy and yet simplicity and detachment, controlling and surrendering.

Synchronizing the left and right brain. Validation is primarily through self-satisfaction and an understated acknowledgement from others, especially one’s ‘posse’. A truer acceptance of human imperfection, yet the need to change things still arises. Accepts/resolves paradox. Continuous recovery of the identity, holding onto and releasing ego.

Overall, the self is energetically aligned with the will of the whole species and the improvement of life on Earth beyond the individual’s lifetime. Benevolent self-interest; innovative creativity based on easily finding intersections between different endeavours; periodic refreshment of connections with a diversity of people and a relatively non-assuming approach to relating, along with a natural adjustment to social environment. Dynamic equality between the sexes.

The Collective Landscape: Human species linked to Nature. Us on Earth and our relationship with nature. The saturated internet with global penetration, as well as the systemic handling of nature and resources.

The Future Potential: Global systemic governance that encourages individuals to develop, in which all human beings are recognized as being potentially valuable and precious; functionality and purpose; clean free technology and energy. Recognizing both the wisdom of the collective totality and the dangers of the mob; dancing systemic cohesion; appropriate technological and genetic innovation.

A radical new economy organically emerges based on energy flow, rather than the hoarding of capital; a dynamic adaptive society; increased leisure ethic as work and play naturally become more compatible.

Neptune Enchantment—Humanitarian Consciousness

The Self: Alternative-feeling. The true inner self, soulful, sensitive, empathic, idealistic, consensual; intuitively attuned; seeking bliss and union with one’s deepest self; libertarian. Humanitarianism, peaceful and loving agreement, sensitivity, empathy, healing and depth. Looking to feel wholly connected with others and to feel the self is working to bring about a world of equality. However, the individual also feels an urgency to embody the uniqueness that is deep within and to share that self within the group, leading to an internal conflict of ego needs within group consensus.

 Intuitive-led self is validated by consensual agreement and acceptance. All truths are seen as relative. The eternal self is orientated to recovery of the past, to substantiate the continuum of the soul; allowing and encouraging vulnerability; feeling the immersion and intimacy, or feeling adrift, alienated and isolated.

The Collective Landscape: Rainbow tribe and Cosmic-Spiritual. Egalitarian and community-based endeavour; the spiritual and archaic revival; the green movement; revering the feminine and indigenous peoples. Revival of the power of the goddess and women. Exploration of tantric sex in relationships.

Connected to soul groups within the global rainbow tribe and within the unified cosmic ocean—a connected osmotic field of consciousness and energy.

The Future Potential: Global village; the oasis village within the mega-city. A global theatre that favours humanitarianism, the equality imperative and politically correct guidelines; spiritually orientated, revivalist; incorporating retro-technology, indigenous wisdom and the rights of Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. Small niche communities; innovative holistic farming and holistic technology; ‘for people not profit’, parallel exchange economy. A slowdown of technological progress as consequences are contemplated.

More free time, devoid of economic necessity; time for self-exploration; social acceptance of the need to drift and let go of activities.

Uranus Enchantment—Material Consciousness

The Self: Consumer-expressing. The fashionable, the corporate, the celebrity, the rationalist, the winner; the best way; alert to progress; the player who is career and status aware; seeking excitement; making one’s mark; striving to live the proven winning way and looking to win the game of life. Seeking efficient strategies and success-based alliances.

 External validation, seeking attention, keeping it together, cutting off from vulnerability versus losing it (keep it light and witty; look and be sharp). Smart appropriation and spin of ideas; working strategically for gain, because—as in sport, as in life—‘no one remembers second place’.

Adrenalin-fuelled peaks of excitement and dips of anxiety. Novelty in the fast lane culture, enjoying new tastes of life and keeping up with breaking trends.

The Collective Landscape: International market. The multinational corporate world; the socio-economic landscape; the big city, the buzz and glamour of the latest trend; the benefits of retail therapy; material novelty and the cutting-edge; led by scientific consensus. Celebrity culture. Cool crowds dominated by masculine values, although women compete successfully on men’s terms (especially in transition between Uranus and Neptune); the power of the ‘bitch’.

The larger context is the random, accidental material universe, where ‘mankind’ has risen to the top through natural selection.

The Future Potential: Globalized economy; a technocracy; a truly free market.

Saturn Enchantment—Social-Moral Consciousness

The Self: Citizen-conforming. The devout, the moralist, the authoritarian; diplomatic and socially conscientious; conservative; common sense, seeking peace of mind, setting limitations on desires. Socially conditioned sentiments.

Self-censoring. The mind constantly seeks reassurance, order, release from guilt. Looking to mend and secure the ‘imperfect world’; relying on ‘future’ reward in heaven, which has always existed, ie a trans-temporal eternity. Peace in retirement. Seeking assurance from authority, the parent, the boss, the priest and God.

Short-term pragmatism and physical practicality to delay the decay. The good old days. Validation is through righteousness; the binary logical mind is conditioned by the Rule Book. Rigid control to keep the beast at bay.

The Collective Landscape: The State and the Church. The fixed family unit, the suburban town, the nation, the religious state. The governed, lawful and ordered; set borders and boundaries; class structure; securing and preserving. Clear-cut cultural structures within a pyramidal cosmos, with a supreme godhead that has bestowed the truth upon it. The Classics of music and art.

Masculine ‘superiority’ established and assumed; women seen as sinful or tender little things; Nature and the Body considered dirty. Nobility of the Olympian ideal to take part rather than to win.

The Future Potential: Global law.


Jupiter Enchantment—Imperial Consciousness

The Self: Heroic-yearning. The mythic; the worshipper; opportunist, power-led, noble warrior creed; charismatic performer; creating one’s own vision and impressing it onto others and the world; motivated by power in all its forms.

A burning passion as consciousness is orientated to the eternal future; the desire for fame and the need to have one’s name echo in eternity for all future generations; the immortal ego. The ego appropriation of the spiritual.  The self fights any feelings of vulnerability for survival’s sake. The zealot; the deliberate faking of emotion; dominating or being dominated.

The masculine takes power, but women manipulate the men as the ‘power behind the throne’. Women are feared and worshipped; a woman’s sexual power captures the man’s heart.

The ego surges with growth (through alignment with the gods and the empire), or implodes and collapses when overcome by a greater force.

Herculean endeavours and extreme sports, including blood sports. Animals, such as the big cats, are kept as symbols of power and mastery over nature.

The Collective Landscape: Empire led by the glorious gods. The Empire, the glorious conquerors, the feudal system and slavery, the mafia, the secret society; the ‘street’. A theocratic dominator culture, orientated to unlimited expansion; a power context that is mythically empowered with metaphysical divine leadership, as well as extravagance and sacred grandeur. Heroes and accessible gods create the universe; empires, theocracies and mafias of various scales of mythic membership compete with each other and form uneasy alliances.

Ceres Enchantment—Magical Tribal Consciousness

The Self: The Sacred Innocent–ritualistic. Magical; role playing, protective, nature-spirit infused; delight and shock; bound by the rules of the ingrained rites, taking on the collective magic; playing; cyclical attention; fearful of sudden and devastating punishment. The ever-changing internal landscape of subpersonalities.

 The attention of the self hones in on the immediate environment—natural features, sacred objects or totem toys—and perceives and generates the whole universe. There is a highly open channel of energies, as the individuated ego is not yet formed, so imagination is receptive to energy from outside the self. (This reframes the concept of ‘imagination’ as being merely a tool through which the self ‘makes it all up’.) Soul consciousness appears and can then just as suddenly disappear, as in a child’s sudden statement of wisdom or a past life memory, before he or she turns back to play.

The Collective Landscape: Tribal community. The ancestral culture; a shamanic, farming and semi-organized tribe; keeping of animals for food and as pets. The children’s playground.

The Goddess-infused village is experienced as a whole universe unto itself, within the continuously cyclical reality. The cyclical reality is tied to the constant repetition of seasons, with no real future awareness (compared with our modern sense of linear time, of year after year). Full awareness of the lunar cycle as a cycle of creation and destruction.

Mars Enchantment—Jungle Consciousness

The Self: Impulsive-active. Motivated by satiation of the senses; the need to ‘have it’ now. Alert, hyper, reactive; dangerously unpredictable; grabbing; bodyself tests the physical world and learns from the effects; short attention span; scattered, high-energy surges; primal self-identity. Outbursts of emotion rise up and are then quickly forgotten.

 Immediate ‘future’ orientation of the next moment, extending to the timeframe of the day. The primary spatial awareness extends to that which is within physical reach.

The self is now emerging within a proto-tribe, with limited group awareness. The environment includes erratic ‘others’; the wildly chaotic jungle of unknown threats.

The Collective Landscape: Wandering proto-tribe. Dominated by the Alpha male, who is in turn subservient to natural forces. Hunters and marauders.

Moon Enchantment—Dreamscape Consciousness

The Self: Dreamer-huddling. Drifting, merging, absorbing, emotive. The identity is embedded in the group. Ebbing and flowing awareness; magnetized towards safety, comfort and warmth.

 Lunar rhythms control the ebb and flow of the involuting soul and the symbiotic self that arises from primal emotion, need and bodyself. Flowing between bonding with and slipping away from the group.

The Collective Landscape: Archaic clan. Instinctively bonded with the security and warmth of the familiar, without a clear cognition of individual distinction.

Earth Enchantment—Instinctive Consciousness

The Self: Instinctive-reactive. Receiving stimuli from the radial world; physically embedded; flickering consciousness and unconsciousness; body reactive. Undecipherable dreams, objects and living things appear out of nowhere. Hypnotized by the circadian rhythm.

The Collective Landscape: Band of foragers. The herd. Embedded in nature.

Dark Sun Enchantment—Soul Falling into the Body

The Self: Separating from Source. Merging with the foetus. Falling into the dream within the dream.

The Collective Landscape: Spiritual osmotic cosmos. The substratum of consciousness; an extrapolation of consciousness from the eternal dreams of divinity; the soul’s journey into matter (involution).

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